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Noelle Foley, the daughter of one of the WWE's fiercest hardcore legends, , made an appearance with her boyfriend, Frank the Clown, at UFC headquarters in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

is a WWE superfan, even sporting the ultra rare post-demise, WWE-revived WCW T-Shirt. It was Frank the Clown's birthday, so he spent it with Foley and Britney Spears. Sort of.

He's apparently also a friend of UFC fighter and former WWE wrestler, .

Frank the Clown and Foley appear on Foley's WWE Network show "Holy Foley," a reality show featuring the Foley family. Noelle is training to become a WWE wrestler and will certainly have the carpet rolled out for her whenever she is ready. Her father emerged as one of the WWE's biggest stars of the late-1990s Attitude Era, launching a post-Hulk Hogan boom period of the company.

Foley is perhaps most famous for his ability to take chair shots to the head, fall on thousands of sharp tacks, and get flung off the top of cages. He is the star of one of the WWE's most famous Hell in a Cell matches.


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