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Josh Molina

Roman Reigns is the WWE's ultimate buzzkill. When it was time for No. 30 to enter the Royal Rumble, members of the reacted with disgust, horror and anger.

WWE fans wanted Finn Balor, Samoa Joe or even Shinsuke Nakamura. Who did we get? Yep, everyone's favorite Samoan sleeping Superman, Roman Reigns.

Watch the fans react in the video below:

Part of the disappointment, however, was not that Reigns was entering, it was the belief that he was going to win. Most people just assumed that since he drew such a late number, that he was going to win the Rumble. As it turns out, Randy Orton probably received the biggest pop of his career when he eliminated Reigns to win the Rumble.

It's safe to say that WWE fans aren't quite ready for another Reigns title win.


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