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While a lot of the attention in the ongoing WWE vs. UFC wars has been devoted to if/how MMA stars like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey could crossover from one brand to the other, significantly less has been paid to which stars from the other side of the aisle could make a go of things in the Octagon. Frankly, it's as if everyone is wilfully ignoring the mountain of evidence proving how well professional wrestling moves translate to devastating MMA finishes, but I digress.

So far, we've seen both CM Punk and Dave Bautista strip off the tights and strap on the 4 oz. gloves's call them "mixed" results. But as it turns out, the one guy who stands the best chance of kicking some major ass in the WWE is the one you'd least expect: Shane McMahon.

Speaking with TMZ Sports this morning, former WWE legends Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley both endorsed a potential McMahon run in the UFC, calling the current Smackdown General Manager "a real badass" and "a rabid pitbull" among other things.

"I think the world should have Shane McMahon enter UFC because he is a real badass and he would fare well in the UFC," said Dreamer.

"There's a lot of guys who like to talk smack, like a Conor McGregor. I would love to see Shane McMahon go to UFC, because I think he would choke some dudes or knock them out."

"Shane is like that rabid pitbull that will fight until the death," added Ray.

"Even if we're backstage just kidding around, he has to win every single contest. You're not gonna keep him down. You're gonna have to kill him to beat him."

It's a ringing endorsement, but perhaps we should go to the tape just to make sure.

Well, I'm convinced. Shane-O-Mac vs. Bork Lesnar. UFC 220. Book it, Dana.


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