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The Elimination Chamber has been one of the WWE's most menacing creations. Its history is steeped in blood, destruction, and sacrifice, but the reward has always been a WWE championship or a shot to claim one at WrestleMania. The six superstars that enter understand what it takes to outlast the other competitors and the high stakes lead to high-intensity action.

Stars are born in the Elimination Chamber, careers are calculated, and legacies cemented within the chain linked fence, which is why we decided to showcase event individually by counting down to the best Elimination Chamber match of all-time.

20. Elimination Chamber 2015

  • Brand: WWE
  • Members: Ryback defeats Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, R-Truth & King Barrett

The WWE has changed so much over the past two years. The 2015 match featured one of the worst lineups of talent an Elimination Chamber has seen. The match was designed to push Ryback and the product suffered due to that plan.

19. December to Dismember 2006

  • Brand: ECW
  • Members: Bobby Lashley defeats Big Show, Test, Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly & CM Punk

In 2006, the ECW brand borrowed the Elimination Chamber idea and tried to make it "extreme" by allowing each member to bring a weapon into the chamber, as though a gigantic chain linked steel structure isn't dangerous enough. The props didn't help the match at all and Bobby Lashley botching his entrance by getting the table stuck in the chamber only highlights that point.

18. Elimination Chamber 2012

  • Brand: Smackdown
  • Members: Daniel Bryan defeats Santino Marella, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Big Show & The Great Khali

Daniel Bryan is great, but even he couldn't carry this cast of characters through this match. The Great Khali didn't use his size to his advantage in the structure, The Big Show didn't make a huge imprint and Santino Marella as Bryant's main foil wasn't believable.

17. Elimination Chamber 2012

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: CM Punk defeats The Miz, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler & R-Truth

Considering the names in this match it's safe to say that the final product was a flop. CM Punk had one of the least memorable matches of his championship run and the talented wrestlers around him weren't able to get the most out of the structure.

16. Elimination Chamber 2015

  • Brand: WWE
  • Members: New Day defeats Prime Time Players, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, The Ascension, Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores

The WWE tried to change things up by having tag teams forced into the chamber in 2015. What resulted was a below-average tag match with several very obvious botches. It'd probably work out a lot better with the talent in the current tag team division.

15. No Way Out 2008

  • Brand: Smackdown & ECW
  • Members: The Undertaker defeats Batista, Finlay, MVP, The Great Khali & Big Daddy V

The first of two Elimination Chamber matches at the 2008 No Way Out pay-per-view ended in disappointment. The Undertaker was the best wrestler in the match by a wide margin and the other members of the chamber really just took turns jobbing to him.

14. Elimination Chamber 2013

  • Brand: WWE
  • Members: Jack Swagger defeats Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Kane & Daniel Bryan

Jack Swagger won. Does anything else have to be mentioned?

There was legit talent in this match, but Swagger getting the push over the likes of Orton, Jericho, and Bryan screams as a wasted opportunity.

13. SummerSlam 2003

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: Triple H defeats Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & Kevin Nash

No wrestler was booked better inside of the Elimination Chamber than Triple H. In his six appearances in the chamber, Triple H was one of the final two men every time and left victorious four times. He also left his fair share of blood inside the structure over the years. In 2003, Triple H pulled out the victory with the help of his trusty sledgehammer.

12. Elimination Chamber 2010

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: John Cena defeats Triple H, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Ted DiBiase Jr & Randy Orton

John Cena is only second to Triple H in term of success in the Elimination Chamber. Cena won three of his five appearances in the chamber and in 2010 he went over on Triple H to pick up the win. Sheamus and Orton also had strong performances in the match.

11. Elimination Chamber 2011

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: John Cena defeats CM Punk, John Morrison, Sheamus, Randy Orton & R-Truth

John Cena went 'Back-to-Back' long before Drake did it. Cena won his second Elimination Chamber match in as many years by defeating rising superstar CM Punk. The match was just a small part of their amazing rivalry and solid performances by Orton, Morrison, and Sheamus places it right outside of our Top-10.

10. No Way Out 2008

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: Triple H defeats Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Umaga & JBL

Would you look at this: Another Triple H victory. As we mentioned previously, Triple H has had a ton of success in the chamber and this year was no different. For much of the match, it appeared that Jeff Hardy was destined to win but Triple H pulled it out, much to the chagrin of the fans.

9. New Year's Revolution 2006

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: John Cena defeats Carlito, Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels, Kane & Kurt Angle

The 2000 New Year's Revolution Elimination Chamber match deserves an asterisk. The match itself was mediocre and spent too much time building Chris Masters up as a monster heel. The reason it's ranked #8 on our list is because of Edge's Money in the Bank cash-in on a bloody John Cena after the chamber was lifted.

8. Elimination Chamber 2010

  • Brand: Smackdown
  • Members: Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk & R-Truth

Chris Jericho was a key component in a lot of Elimination Chamber matches and in 2010 it was finally his time to shine. Jericho put on a show against Taker, Punk, and Mysterio. Morrison more than held his own and even R-Truth was stomachable. A solid match from beginning to end.

7. Elimination Chamber 2014

  • Brand: WWE
  • Members: Randy Orton defeats Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro, Christian & Sheamus

Randy Orton came out on top of an extremely talented field in 2014. This was at the height of the 'push Daniel Bryan' movement and fans were teased with a DB victory for much of the match. Only to have Orton break their hearts at the end. Great booking.

6. Elimination Chamber 2011

  • Brand: Smackdown
  • Members: Edge defeats Rey Mysterio, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Big Show & Wade Barrett

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, showed out in the 2011 Elimination Chamber. On paper, the line-up didn't look impressive but the fighters all brought their A-game. The match had a good pace and Edge was able to show his full capabilities as a top guy.

5. No Way Out 2009

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: Edge defeats Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Mike Knox & Kane

Another great performance by Edge highlighted a well-rounded chamber match. In 2009, the booking was phenomenal and the swerve of Edge showing up in both Elimination Chambers took the PPV to another level. While this match wasn't as good as the first of the night, Edge entering the night as Smackdown champion and leaving as Raw champion is a historical moment.

4. No Way Out 2009

  • Brand: Smackdown
  • Members: Triple H defeat The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov & Edge

Speaking of the first Elimination Chamber match of the No Way Out PPV, Triple H led a star-studded cast. Edge entered as champion but was shockingly pinned by Jeff Hardy within three minutes, the first huge shock of the night. The remaining participants put on an excellent match. The Big Show took three finishers before he was eliminated, Hardy stood out with high risk maneuvers, and HHH jumpstarted his rivalry with the Undertaker.

3. Elimination Chamber 2017

  • Brand: Smackdown
  • Member: Bray Wyatt defeats AJ Styles, John Cena, The Miz, Dean Ambrose & Baron Corbin

Despite the changes to the Elimination Chamber, the safer surfaces and less menacing look took away some of the match's nostalgia, the wrestlers managed to make the match compelling. Unlike most chamber matches in the past, the latest had a clear storyline and set up clear rivalries for WrestleMania. Each superstar had strong spots and the right man won, Bray Wyatt.

2. New Year's Revolution 2005

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: Triple H defeats Randy Orton, Batista, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit & Edge

This Elimination Chamber match had a lot of moving pieces. Triple H and Randy Orton were at odds, Bautista was entering his major push and Shawn Michaels was added as a special guest referee to boost the star power even further.

Michaels eliminating Edge with Sweet Chin Music early in the match furthered their feud. Bautista showed why he was 'The Animal' and destroyed every remaining superstar not named Triple H when he entered as the 6th participant. Randy Orton eliminating Triple H's muscle, Bautista, with an RKO out of nowhere and fighting off Ric Flair was a perfect showcase of his storytelling ability. Orton may have lost but Triple H had to cheat to win, which kept Orton's momentum at an all-time high.

1. Survivor Series 2002

  • Brand: Raw
  • Members: Shawn Michaels defeats Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kane, Booker T & Rob Van Dam

Nearly 15 years after the original Elimination Chamber match, Shawn Michaels captured his first world championship since returning to the WWE from injury. This match sparked Michaels' iconic second run in the WWE and is the reason why many now consider him the best wrestler of all-time.


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