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To close out this year, it seems like every MMA organization has to have their own New York show now that the Empire State open for business.

World Series of Fighting will put on their event on New Year's Eve and former UFC fighter and current welterweight champion, Jon Fitch will headline the event against another former UFC contender in Jake Shields.

With potentially the biggest WSOF show to date on the horizon, Fitch seems to have even bigger things on his mind. He joined the Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association with Nate Quarry and Cung Le last year, and speaks about that, the Ali Act and more in a exclusive.

"[The Ali Act] disrupts the monopolizing of champions. You have guys who win a championship belt for one company, and they're stuck in contract with one company to defend their belt. That's the most valuable that fighter is at that time. He should be a free agent," Fitch said to "If the company wants to keep them, then they'll have to bid for them with the other companies. So, now you'll get champion versus champion; you won't have to see guys just stuck with one company."

From what Fitch says, the Ali Act sounds like something tailor-made for men like Conor McGregor to get behind. Fitch also mentioned Georges St-Pierre, the name on every organizations dream acquisition list. St-Pierre would be a great poster boy for the Ali Act or a fighter's union, but would also be a giant fight opportunity for Fitch.

"He retired a champ. [UFC] Champion vs. [WSOF] champion, I'd be interested in the fight for sure, and I think the fans should be allowed to see those types of fights," Fitch said. "It shouldn't be segmented to one company or the other. Boxing is thriving right now. They have a lot of big promotions that do a lot of multi-million dollar pay fights and we need more of that type of atmosphere."

Fitch first fought St-Pierre all the way back at UFC 87, losing a unanimous decision he'd be happy to set right. St-Pierre has also defeated Shields before at UFC 129.

From a potential fighter's union to the idea of a global rankings system, Fitch seems to be at the forefront of MMA change. Fitch will defend his WSOF welterweight title against Jake Shields on December 31 at WSOF 34 in New York.


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