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Justin Golightly

If Andrea Lee isn't a living argument for a women's flyweight division, then one may not exist. Holy crap. She hit Heather Bassett with everything but the kitchen sink at Legacy Fighting Alliance 4, maybe even inventing some new moves in the spur of the moment. Lee was throwing some combinations, but then unleashed a magical hematoma-causing elbow that spontaneously caused Bassett to sprout a Flintstones knot.

That went from zero to Mark Hominick real quick. The crazy thing? wasn't even halfway done with the MMA clinic she was putting on. She continued to dominate all the way into the third round, where she elegantly slipped on a beautiful armbar for the tap to win the first ever LFA flyweight title.

Okay, that was armbar was art. No other way to put it. It was almost like she put Bassett into Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface with her legs! Women's MMA in 2017 is no joke, folks. What an exciting start to LFA's women's flyweight division, and a great launch for the new organization altogether with their last four cards.


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