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On April 19, World Series of Fighting announced that they had rebranded to the Professional Fighter League () and that the promotion would debut in January 2018.

Several questions remain unanswered in regards to who will compete in the PFL and which of the former WSOF roster will remain. One man who’s at least open to seeing what the PFL is all about is the two-time WSOF welterweight title contender, Jake Shields. Speaking to last week, Shields spoke about the PFL and when he first became aware it was all happening.

“I found out a couple of weeks ago,” Shields said. “I’ve not yet got all the full details, but it sounds cool. I think we would get salaries and a big bonus if you do well. I think you also get a certain amount of fights per year so as a fighter you can’t really complain about that. It’s going to be interesting to see how it’s going to be running, but I’m certainly going to hear it all out. To me, it looks pretty good and I’ll be happy to hop in there if it all looks as good as that.”

While he may have to wait until January for the launch of the PFL, Shields will be keeping busy. The former Strikeforce champion last evening defeated Dillon Danis at Submission Underground 4.

“I feel healthy and I still feel like I’ve got plenty of fights left in me," Shields said. "I’ve made some changes to my training recently and I’m learning a lot of new stuff again. I’ve been training in New York for a bit, working with John Danaher and those guys. I just wanted to make some changes and come out here and learn some new things. I’ve been working with some new boxing people as well, I’m still just trying to do what I can to make improvements. I definitely feel like I could have a few more fights so who knows at the moment. I’d like to have some more fights and to win some more titles.”

Whether Shields participates in the PFL remains to be seen, but one man who won’t be is Justin Gaethje. The former WSOF lightweight champion has signed with the UFC and will make his debut on The Ultimate Fighter Finale on July 7th.


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