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Ashley Yoder, UFC Strawweight, TUF 23 Alumna, Team Quest
Ashley Yoder

, my ginger brother from another mother, is in Nashville right now, so 100-percent I’ll be watching the UFC card this weekend.

And in the strawweight division, Jessica Penne is fighting Danielle Taylor at . I’ll definitely be watching that fight; it is my division after all.

Jessica is actually is a black belt at ; that’s also my jiu-jitsu team. Our schools are affiliated, so I know she has a really good ground game.

Checkmat black belts are no chumps. And, I’m not saying any black belt is, but I don’t know if has any jiu-jitsu at all.

I can’t say enough about how good ’s jiu-jitsu really is, plus, she’s gonna have a lot of length on Taylor.

It’s almost gonna be an awkward fight because you basically have one of the tallest people in the division (Penne) versus one of the shortest people in the division (Taylor), so it will be interesting to see how they match up.

I look forward to this fight, and I think Jessica Penne’s gonna get the submission, and get the win for sure.

Whenever there’s a strawweight fight, I’m paying attention, and last week I was so proud of .

Before I trained with , Rose was one of my biggest MMA influences. I love her style and she just killed it last weekend.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a really great fight, and I guess my biggest takeaway is the how valuable confidence is in the Octagon.

I say this all the time -- if you go into a fight confident, it doesn’t matter how many times you drill something or you go over a technique. That day of the fight, all that can go out the window if you’re not confident.

Rose went out there super confident and it showed. It was literally, to me, her best performance to date. She looked like a completely different fighter than in her previous fight against .

Confidence affects how you perform, and hopefully I’ll have a second go in the Octagon real soon. I’m confident that I’ll put on a good performance.

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