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Switching weight classes is a pretty important decision for any professional fighter.

Starting my MMA career as a featherweight, I dropped down to 135 last year. Ever since I’ve been considering another move, to flyweight, but I didn’t want to make that cut right away. Fortunately the matchmaker at Alaska Fighting Championship offered me a catchweight, at 130 pounds, for my first fight in Anchorage.

Weight cutting was never a big thing in China or India, where I took my first fights. I was small for the division and I was never cutting weight. When I moved to Hawaii and began training with the guys at Gracie Technics and Hawaii Elite MMA, I knew I would move down do 135.

Even then, it was a very easy cut. I only had to cut five or six pounds during the last two days before weigh ins, so I knew that eventually would like to move to 125, but wanted an opportunity to see how I would perform along the way.

Then I got the offer from .

My opponent, Tevin Dyce is a 125er, and since it’s a long way from Hawaii to Alaska, I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how I feel at 130. I was only nine or 10 pounds over before I got on the plane.

Sparring a lot of rounds with during his camp for , I have a good idea how I’ll feel against one of the best flyweights in the world. But the test at 130 is good for me, and any fighter, as I decide if I ultimately want to move down to 125.

The catchweight is also a good idea since I’m travelling from Hawaii to Alaska just a couple days before weigh ins.

Fighting for AFC is a really good opportunity; it’s kind of complicated to get a fight in Hawaii because a lot of promoters don’t want to pay for the plane ticket. But the promoter came to our gym and offered us a fight.

This should be a really good one, and I’m also happy that people will be able to see me on UFC Fight Pass. I need the exposure, but I also need to show up, show my skills, and show what I’m capable of.

I always do quite good in training, but in all my fights I feel I never had the chance to really show how I fight. I hope this time I will be able to really do it, at 130 pounds.

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