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California Xtreme Fighting Middleweight Champion
Moses Murrietta

It was the day before weigh-ins, and I was on track to make weight. I had just gone to the gym to cut a little weight and was feeling good and wanted to eat a steak salad at a Thai place I love. The salad is amazing and healthy, and since I knew I was a little ahead of schedule on the weight cut, I figured I could eat it.

But when I walked out of the restaurant I spotted a donut shop.

I kept telling myself, "Don't do it, don't f*cking do it," as I'm walking straight for the front door.

I had no willpower, and I marched right in with the plan of just getting one donut. I walked out with two — plus a bear claw. I washed it all down with some milk (though I did only drink 2 percent, to be fair).

I was going to be competing for the CXF title in just two days, and I felt totally sick.

That weight cut sucked.

That night I did a small workout with my sauna suit on, trying to work off the few pounds I had gained from my splurge. The next morning I went over to a sauna place that has infrared sauna's with TVs in them and cut weight while watching the food channel.

Luckily I was able to get all the weight off (15 pounds) in about 80 minutes. I had a friend with me, and we did about 20-30 minutes with a break in the middle, then another 30-40 minutes.

After I had weighed in (on weight), I went and grabbed a beer to celebrate making weight.

Then I climbed into the cage (after doing a shot of whisky backstage) and won the middleweight title.

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