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With their triumphant return at and their rematch at Monday Night , one detail is keeping the wrestling audience puzzled. Why are the back in their traditional roles. And where is ?

There are a number of reasons and speculations on why their return feels more like a return to a time 10 years ago, than the incredible reinvention that especially Matt has been going through. And while we need to wait for the Broken One to reveal the exact thoughts, here are the two most likely reasons.

It's about the legacy of the Hardy Boys

The WWE audience might not be as familiar with the Broken Gimmick as those who follow other organizations like . So there's a legacy and connection to older members of the that needs to be introduced to the Broken Gimmick over time. The reaction at showed clearly that the audience well remembers them and the occasional chat made it quite clear that at least a lot of the people in attendance are ready for the Broken Universe.

So maybe they will come to that point and reintroduce the gimmick over time, maybe the condition is still contagious.

It's about copyrights and trademarks

In a recent Interview on Inside the Ropes, Matt discussed and disclosed that he owns the trademark of the Broken Gimmick. Take a look:

While this might just be a lip service at this point to still sell the gimmick, it's more likely that there is a discussion about who owns the trademark and, eventually, who is making money with it. Given the fact that the gimmick was created during the TNA time, it might also be a safety measure to avoid claims from them.

All of Matt's social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram remain labeled as "BROKEN" Matt Hardy. So it seems he hasn't given up on the idea yet. His wife Reby did tweet "Don't tell me, tell WWE" as a response to a discussion about the (missing) broken gimmick. That tweet has been deleted since.

The WWE simply doesn't see Matt as a star

The WWE always pushed Jeff as the main star of the brothers. Some might argue that they defaulted back to that. I personally think that's unlikely, as the always encouraged wrestlers to evolve their gimmicks, and given all of the creative minds that are working behind the scenes nowadays, the WWE has to see the potential that Matt has on the mic. It would also send the wrong message internally to the young and upcoming talent to stick to what worked before, instead of taking a risk - as Kurt Angle put it in his Hall of Fame speech. Developing a more entrepreneurial spirit and going through transformations has been successful for a lot of wrestlers in the past, so I personally don't see that as a realistic factor.

But who knows, what's going on behind the scenes. Someone in the WWE decides to continue to push Roman, so maybe there's also someone who decides to keep Matt down -- unlikely, but not impossible.

Time will tell, if we see the Broken gimmick. For now it's safe to assume that it won't be happening in the near future, until they figure out what they need to figure out. Until then, we should just remain calm and anticipate a brilliant broken promo on live television in the future. I'm confident it will happen.


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