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Gustavo Lopez

Thursday night I weighed in for my bantamweight title fight for Combate Americas and I was on point... 135 pounds on the dot. My opponent, John Castaneda did not. He came in way over at 137.5. Because of his mistake the fight is now a one way title shot which is fine by me - I was going to take the title anyways.

I kinda knew he wasn't going to make weight, when we were on the bus from Manhattan to the fight venue he was sleeping. I, on the other hand, was prepping for my weight cut by loading up on water. This is something you do so that you sweat more easily when it's time to dry out. I knew something wasn't right and he wasn't taking things seriously.

He wasn't ready and he wasn't acting professional. We are fighting a historic fight - the first championship fight in New York in over 20 years - and he's sleeping. How do you not come in ready to go? How does a "champion" come in and miss weight by almost two and a half pounds? He can't expect to be the champion if he can't even make weight.

I don't really have beef with John, I'm sure after the fight we'll have a few beers and hang out, but I need to win the belt first.

The good thing is this doesn't affect my plans in the least, I'm still going to go in there and knock him out. I'd like to do it in the first or second, and avoid the championship rounds, but I will take the knockout when I can get it. If he takes it to the ground I will submit him there or end it with a TKO, however it ends it will be my hand raised - not his.

He has no idea what's coming, I'm going to hurt him and he's going to feel horrible. His weight cut was bad, and he missed it. This weight cut was the best I have ever had.

My camp with Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway at Xtreme Couture has taking care of me so well. I have a new nutritionist, and everything went amazing. We are going to take that belt back to Las Vegas.

Watch me fight Friday night for Combate Americas, live on UFC Fight Pass.


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