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Conor McGregor had quite the St. Patrick's Day, as the Irish UFC superstar spent the holiday at Madison Square Garden, cheering on his fellow countryman Michael Conlan as well as stoking the flames of a possible showdown with Floyd Mayweather.

The champ also crossed paths with Russian light-heavyweight boxer Sergey Kovalev, and the combat sports stars had a lengthy conversation during the fight. While it's hard to decipher what they said, their talk seemed to go well despite its intense nature. Kovalev apparently even got a selfie with McGregor during their meeting.

Could this mean that a McGregor-Kovalev bromance is brewing? Perhaps they have a friendly rivalry? Regardless, this pair of combat sports stars make pretty strange bedfellows, so whatever they talked about must've been interesting.

Since we'll probably never know the exact contents of their conversation, we decided to imagine a few possible scenarios. Enjoy!

1. 'I Must Break You'

*Conor accidentally bumps into to Sergey.*

Conor: "Who the fook is this guy?"

Sergey: "I must break you."

Conor: "Sorry mate. Want a selfie?"

2. Boxing 101

Conor: "So you can't kick in boxing?"

*Sergey puts his face in his palms.*

3. 'Did We Just Become Best Friends?'

Conor: "You like to party mate?"

Sergey: "I love to make party."

Conor: "Did we just become best friends?"

Sergey: "Dah."

4. 'I Like Your Style'

*Conor whispers to Sergey.*

Conor: "Always dress like it's red panty night."

*Sergey scribbles down notes.*

5. They See Me Trollin'...

Conor: "So then I screamed at them, 'I am boxing!'"

*Conor and Sergey burst out laughing.*


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