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Right up until about an hour before weigh-ins, I really thought I was gonna make weight for my January 13 fight at TKO Fight Alliance “Knockout Nights,” but 15 minutes before I was due up at the scales I stopped sweating. There wasn’t even time for a sauna.

I’ve never missed weight before in my 16 fights, so I have my routine down. I did everything right, or at least like I usually do. Three-and-a-half weeks out from the fight I was already cutting down to 105, watching my diet, doing road work. It was just too little, too late.

2016 was kind of a rough year. I had four fights fall through, in a row, and I became discouraged. I still trained while I was inactive from the cage, but I got all the way up to 126, which is really heavy for a 105-er, especially for my height.

I think I just started too heavy for my last camp. The morning of weigh-ins I still had five pounds left to cut, so I took two baths, and I got three of those pounds off.

By that point, there wasn’t too much water coming out, so we put me in sauna suit and heated up the car. It just was taking too long to get a sweat on.

After 45 minutes of sitting in a hot car in a sauna suit, I only got half a pound off, so I was still a pound over, and there were only 15 minutes left until weigh-in time. That’s when we decided to call the promoter to let them know that I wasn’t going to make weight. I also called my opponent to let her know, so that she wasn’t killing herself to make weight. We apologized and told her that we’d pay the fine.

What happened with me, it’s never happened before, and I learned a valuable lesson; I’m not gonna get past 120, and I’m going to stay in shape this whole year, especially since I plan on being really active.

Fortunately, I have a second chance to redeem myself in a few weeks. I’m finally making my debut on February 16, when I take on Jayme Hinshaw in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. It’s gonna be a great atomweight fight.

I took a day off after my last fight, which I won by unanimous decision, but ever since, I’ve been running everyday, so I feel great.

Missing weight for the first time was a terrible feeling. But, lesson learned. I’ll never be that heavy again.

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