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Matt Juul

Prior to going toe-to-toe with Batman as the gun-toting Deadshot in DC Comics' Suicide Squad, Hollywood megastar Will Smith got to work on his fighting skills in preparation to play the legendary in the 2001 flick Ali.

While the late boxing icon and civil rights activist has been the subject of several big screen projects over the years, Smith's portrayal of the pugilist is by far one of the top movies about the heavyweight bruiser. That wasn't by accident, as the actor went all out while training for the Oscar-nominated role.

In a rare, behind-the-scenes video from Ali, Smith can be seen floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee as he tries to channel his inner Cassius Clay. The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star upped his game from fighting on the playgrounds in west Philadelphia, as he clearly gave it everything he had while working in the gym.

His workouts were far from just pitter-pattering on the mitts. Smith wasn't shy about getting dirty in the ring with his training partners during sparring.

One things for sure, don't mess with Will Smith.


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