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Actor, 90s heartthrob, and one-time WWE producer Freddie Prinze Jr. tried to take on former champion in the boxing ring. It did not go well.

The matchup occurred during a sparring session broadcast live on Prinze Jr.'s Facebook page earlier this week. Retired Irish pugilist and a few other training partners were also there to watch the I Know What You Did Last Summer star get his clock cleaned.

While Prinze Jr. claims to have trained with world-class fighters his entire life, the avid boxing and jiu-jitsu enthusiast wasn't much of a match for a fighter like Ortiz.

Prinze Jr. opened up about the terrifying experience during an interview on ESPNLA Mornings earlier this week. The actor explained that Ortiz's speed was a big reason for why he got his butt kicked.

"I'm putting that buttery jab out there. Victor Ortiz does not like butter," Prinze Jr. said. "He literally slips the jab and closes the distance on me faster than any one."

Prinze Jr. went on to reveal that, despite his attempts at a "Philly Shell" defense, his technique wasn't quite good enough to stop Ortiz's onslaught.

"I was getting peppered by punches and then finally he throws a right hook," he told ESPN. "He lands a right hook across to the back of my jaw... Every time I laughed today it's hurt."

As to why the Hollywood hotshot would dare enter the ring with a seasoned veteran like Ortiz? Simple.

"I love martial arts," Prinze Jr. said.

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