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Is you favorite mode on the stand-up mode? Do you boo anytime a UFC fight goes to the ground? Do you spend hours looking up knockouts on YouTube? Well, this might be the event for you. A new and exciting organization has decided to encourage our fight sport bloodlust.

The new MX: Muay Xtreme event is Muay Thai kickboxing but with the smallest gloves allowed probably by law. This means two, highly technical strikers stand and bang with each other and the probability of knockouts skyrocket.

What is the format?

These action-packed, elbow-to-dome piece fights are billed as classic Muay Thai bouts. There are three rounds that are three minutes in length. All the rules of of traditional Muay Thai fights apply, the only difference is that instead of wearing boxing gloves, they wear 4oz MMA gloves. This is actually the first event of its kind to take place in Thailand.

Anything else like this?

Veteran kickboxer and new Kickboxing signee John Wayne Parr got the idea to do his own promotion called Caged Muay Thai. The ten-time world champion saw a violent niche that needed to be filled and a way to make his sport even more exciting and ran with it.

"I wanted to prove myself as a warrior, just to show I am just as tough as MMA guys are. I decided to get the cage and host an event. I saw a few Muay Thai fights in a cage, but they were wearing traditional gloves. And it looked wrong and really peculiar." Parr said to MMA Mania. "That's why I decided for the gloves and the cage. Keep it Muay Thai rules exactly the same as MMA except for when it goes to the ground, you stop and stand back up again. Every single UFC fight that they call 'Fight of the year,' is the ones where they stand the whole time. I'm giving the fans exactly what they want to see."

Watch the entire first MX Muay Xtreme event below.

Just when you thought Muay Thai couldn't get any more eXtreme, it does. If over an hour and a half of shin-on-skull action with minuscule gloves has you sold, then you're in luck. Put on your most ornate pair of shorts because Muay Xtreme already has their second event lined up because they knew for a fact it'd be a success.

Here is the teaser for the next Muay Xreme event.


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