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Some UFC fans have had a hard time grasping why Sage Northcutt has become such an infatuation of the MMA community despite his relative inexperience as a fighter. Is it his chiseled physique? His penchant for front flips? Or is it simply that 'Lookin' For a Fight' bump?

The truth of it is much simpler, if you ask me. Between his perfect build and his if-not-human-than-certainly-alien personality, Northcutt would have become a fixture of whatever industry he landed in by pure force of will. The guy is a ball of manic energy with the haircut of an 80's movie villain and the disposition of a third grader experiencing his first snow day. The dichotomy between what he does for a living (smash faces) and the way he chooses to promote himself (unflinchingly polite, almost grating innocence) is nothing short of astounding, and he's been that way HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

A perfect example of Northcutt's undeniable magnetism can be traced back to his early teen years. Long before he was serving up beatdowns in the UFC (but long after he popped up on the cover of Sport Karate magazine), Northcutt was actually an aspiring actor who had enjoyed a couple brief appearances on the Disney channel's Moises Rules! Around that time, he appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of the Channing Tatum rom-drom Dear John and my God, this interview.

I mean, how can you not be fascinated by this kid? The spiky hair, the spin kicks, the never-breaking stare and smile ...

Now scheduled to take on Mickey Gall at UFC on FOX 22 in December, it appears that Northcutt will once again find himself in the spotlight. More than the fight itself, I'm most interested in seeing how a guy with the almost gratingly positive mindset of Northcutt will respond to the profanity-laced trash talk of his opponent as the fight draws near. If it plays out anything like it has been, then the answer will be simple: With siiiiiick, hair biased burns.


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