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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made his PPV debut 20 years ago this month, and no one could have ever imagined that two decades later The Rock would emerge into one of the biggest stars in the world.

He became the biggest star in professional wrestling, and then the highest-paid star in movies, with recently hitting theaters. Just recently, he was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. The Rock is even talking about running for President in 2020.

As we have all learned, anything is possible.

So, how did The Rock become one of the greatest stars in the world. Lots of reasons. He has incredible natural charisma. He works really hard. He's tall and muscular, with a unique look. Put this package on WWE television, coupled with the company's proven ability to make superstars and turn professional wrestlers into household names, and you have one of the greatest entertainers of all-time.

There's one other factor in 's success that may have gotten lost amid all of his other accolades. He can sing.

Sure, he's not . But he's got a good voice, and coupled with his humor, he can turn an average tune into a memorable moment.

The Rock's "concerts" helped define his character and launch his career even higher. Few wrestlers can sing, but The Rock can, and when he does, it's full of talent and comedy.

Let's revisit some of The Rock's greatest "concerts."

The Rock Shreds Vicki Guerrero

I must warn you. Some of this comedy is a bit offensive, a bit sexist and a bit misogynistic. But, in the context of a professional wrestling storyline, it's pretty brilliant. It's too bad that the wife of the great Eddie Guerrero had to be the recipient of The Rock's "hooker" jokes, but we can imagine that Eddie would have gotten a storyline chuckle over it too.

The Rock Destroys John Cena

Dead. That's how The Rock left after this epic promo, when he alleges that Cena has "lady parts," questions his sexual orientation, and then claims he cheated on his wife. All sung to the tune of Jailhouse Rock.

The Rock Embarrasses Stone Cold Steve Austin

Not a lot of guys can keep up with The Rock on the microphone. Cena came close. Stone Cold came closer. Like The Rock, Austin had an unreal natural charisma that made him likable. In this clip, The Rock shows two things: That he has a better voice that Austin and that he does really well. Austin actually owns the talking portion of the promo, but The Rock delivers with his The Gambler rendition. And then the two take it home with a duet of Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville." Damn, wrestling used to be so good.

The Rocks Slays Sacramento

You'd have to take your mind back to a different era, a time when the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers were bitter playoff rivals. In the 2000s, the Kings often dominated, looking like they were NBA championship-bound. Then, they would play the Lakers. The Rock kills Sacramento in this promo, the first time he performed live with a guitar. Afterward, Stone Cold runs in and tries to make him pay.


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