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Matt Juul

If you've always dreamed about watching or the Megazords from duke it out in real life, well, the crew has got you covered.

In a new episode of the hit web series, Team USA tried out its arsenal of machine-slaying weapons that it will use against Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry in the upcoming Giant Robot Duel. Previously, the team showed off its slick robo-tank wheels and general safety components, however, the latest features are just a bit cooler.

"If we want to put our metal where our mouth is, we need to test how each of the Mark III's weapons perform against a giant robot," pilot Matt Oehrlein says in the video.

Team USA has amassed a pretty awesome collection of weapons for its robot, including a giant trencher saw called the Chain of Command, as well as a spinning wheel of death, affectionately called the Dentist. The coolest piece of weaponry, in our opinion, though, has to be the drill auger, otherwise known as Wall Street.

Watch the MegaBots crew test out its arsenal against a faux-giant robot called KURATOS in the video above.

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