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Justin Golightly

The amount of MMA siblings keeps growing into a pretty epic list.

We have the Diaz brothers, the Nogueira brothers, the Emelianenko brothers, even the Pittbulls. We also have the Machida brothers, who are continually in top contention for the upper echelons of that list.

Everyone knows UFC legend Lyoto Machida, but people are just now getting familiar with his brother, Chinzo after his recent Bellator appearance.

The Machida family is an entire dynasty of Karate badasses, all spearheaded by the grandaddy of it all, Yoshizo Machida. Generations of Shotokan Karate black belts, tournament champions, fighters and one former UFC Light Heavyweight belt holder. That history speaks for itself, but this throwback video is amazing. Seriously.

The whole, ripped-from-VHS Youtube clip looks like Keanu Reeves after he got all those martial arts lessons uploaded straight into his brain frame.

Check out the two brothers put on a Karate clinic back in '98.


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