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Two kings clash in New York City at Madison Square Garden for .

The proudly labeled, "Underground King" Eddie Alvarez will defend his UFC lightweight title against Irish monarch, Conor McGregor. It is a game of thrones that Alvarez is familiar with, after all, his nickname was earned.

Alvarez slugged it out from organization to organization, taking home gold in almost every one he fought in. He became BodogFIGHT welterweight champion and the lineal lightweight champion after finally defeating Shinya Aoki, the current lightweight champion. However, Alvarez's biggest accomplishment before holding a UFC title, was becoming a two-time Bellator lightweight champion.

It was seven years ago when Alvarez became the first ever Bellator lightweight champ, but it was three years ago today where he'd win back the title from the man that took it away from him: Michael Chandler.

In their second war, Alvarez had a lot to prove after suffering a rear-naked choke late in the fourth round. This time would be different. Neither fighter was willing to give an inch to the other, nobody would give up and both their chins would not deny them. Early in the fight, Chandler would control Alvarez with wrestling, but eventually faded, allowing Alvarez to take over on the feet. By the end of the battle, Chandler's face looked like hamburger meat.

The king would get his crown once again. Alvarez won a split-decision to gain back his Bellator lightweight title in what would be one of the best fights of 2013. Three years later, Alvarez would become the first fighter ever to hold Bellator and UFC titles, although not concurrently. Now, will try to take away everything that he has worked so hard to accomplish, and Alvarez will be more than happy to make it a living hell.

Alvarez defends his lightweight title at on November 5th, while Chandler will defend his lightweight title against Benson Henderson at on November 19th.

Watch the highlights, as well as the entire last round of Chandler vs Alvarez 2 below.


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