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Matt Juul

As if Dwayne Johnson needed another credit for his already stacked resume, it looks like is getting into the business of Broadway.

The megastar turned Hollywood moneymaker recently teamed up with creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for a hilarious musical parody based on the always entertaining lives of millennials. The pair, who worked together on 's blockbuster hit , dropped Millennials: The Musical on YouTube Tuesday.

From obsessing over dating apps and cell phones to stressing over start-up culture, the clip drops a virtual People's Elbow on the up-and-coming generation for all their ridiculous problems and digital quirks.

Although the funny short sadly doesn't feature Johnson showing off his musical side, he did get a chance to dust off his pipes while playing the Hawaiian god Maui in his latest animated outing. Proving he can carry a tune, the Rock belts out a few songs as his magical character in Moana.

Maybe if that whole possible 2020 presidential run doesn't pan out, Johnson can hit up Miranda and try his hand at becoming a Broadway star. Considering how he's been able to conquer every challenge in the entertainment industry thus far, the Rock would probably do an amazing job at theater (seriously, what can't this man do?).

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