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Matt Juul

Just because Demi Lovato has probably tapped out on her second mixed martial arts romance, that doesn't mean she's over hitting the mats.

The pop singer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast is taking her grappling training up a notch, as she's enlisted the aid of black belt and world champion Danielle Martin to help her with her ground game. Lovato posted an awesome Instagram video of herself working on an armbar setup with Martin on Thursday.

Martin seems to be enjoying the company of the music megastar, as she reposted the video on her own account, accompanied by a caption praising Lovato for her dedication to the art.

I love this woman! Her dedication to BJJ and her attention to the details is what will always set her apart from the rest. She's legit, fierce and works hard to be her best. So much respect to her and thank you for being my favorite training partner.

Considering all the time that she's spending in the gym honing her Jiu Jitsu game and striking skills, maybe Jay Glazer was right when he said the singer was looking for a real MMA fight.


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