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Andreas Hale

Chinzo Machida -- the older brother of former UFC light heavyweight champion -- was getting outgrappled by Jamar Ocampo and well on his way to losing a decision. But then a head kick and a straight right hand changed everything at .

The 39-year-old, who got a late start in MMA, starched Ocampo with a head kick and followed it with a straight right hand of doom that would certainly make his baby brother proud. Up to that point, Machida was struggling with Ocampo's ground game and appeared to be well on his way to dropping a decision in his seventh professional fight.

As the pair entered the final frame, Machida was probably thinking knockout and had the opportunity served up on a silver platter when he rocked Ocampo with a vicious head kick that destroyed his equilibrium. It took Machida a second to recognized just how damaged his opponent was but he pounced on the opening and sent his opponent to the canvas face first with a sizzling right hand that ended the bout at the 3:48 mark.

The victory improves Machida to 2-0 in Bellator (5-2 MMA).


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