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Matt Juul

It looks like Gigi Hadid isn't the only supermodel who likes to throw down.

According to a new Instagram video, Gisele Bündchen has apparently been spending her free time honing her fighting skills in the gym. The legendary Brazilian model and wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was spotted training with former flyweight and veteran Tateki Matsuda over the weekend.

Apparently, the now retired runway star likes to workout and de-stress with energetic kickboxing sessions, that is, when she's not helping her man work on his passing game.

"One of the most fun ways to release stress," Gisele wrote in the post's caption. "Thank you [Tateki Matsuda.]"

While Gisele is more known for being a knockout on the runway as opposed to in the ring, she's no slouch when it comes throwing hands. The model can frequently be seen hitting heavy bags and sporting hand wraps in photos for her Under Armour® athletic wear campaign.

Although her hubby is one of a slew of celebrity investors who now own stakes in the UFC, don't expect to see Gisele inside the Octagon anytime soon. We have a feeling her love of fighting stops when training is over.

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