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Matt Juul

Two giant robots enter. One giant robot leaves.

The first episode of MegaBots debuts online this week, teasing fans with a look inside Team USA's preparation process before the highly anticipated Giant Robot Duel against Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry. While the machine vs. machine fight doesn't have an official date yet, both sides are gearing up for the battle by putting their creations to the test.

It was probably a smart idea to use a dummy, as there are a lot of things that could've gone wrong, so they decided to put their robot through a rigorous safety examination in the season premiere. Obviously, that meant shooting it with high powered paint cannonballs and giving it the old Miley Cyrus by slamming the robot with an enormous wrecking ball.

"This canopy could get blasted to pieces," said pilot Matt Oehrlein in the video. "Or, a giant robot fist could pummel straight through it."

Check out the video below to see team USA do their worst to the $200,000, 6-ton, 15-foot tall giant robot.

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