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In just ten days, and will settle a rivalry that's been three years in the making when the two go toe-to-toe in the main event of .

There’s been no shortage of trash talking between the two since the fight was announced earlier this year, but there’s been a distinct lack of face-to-face confrontations with the Brazilian failing to show for either of the two press conferences set for New York in the past few months. Thankfully, Silva did join the conference call yesterday evening and he explained that he kept away from the press conferences for a good reason.

“The truth is I no go to the press conference[s], because I don’t want to do what Cyborg do to that girl that talked s*it about her,” Silva said. “When I [see] Chael, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m a professional, but this guy crossed the line with me and played with the wrong guy.”

Silva’s threat was one of many on the call. The two are scheduled to be in close proximity of one another next week at several press events leading up to the fight on Saturday night and “The Axe Murderer” made it very clear that Bellator officials should prepare for anything.

“When I see Chael in the same room, it’s better we have security, because something is going to happen,” Silva said. “I’m professional--I hope I see him just inside the cage."

Silva later added that payback would be sweet given everything that Sonnen said about his native country of Brazil.

“He knows what he’s doing over here—he knows what he deserves,” Silva said. “He knows I’m right and he’s wrong. He did a lot of bad things for me here [in Brazil] and now it’s time to pay back.”

Sonnen didn’t take Silva’s threats lightly. After admitting he was concerned by the Brazilian’s absence at the two press conferences, “The Bad Guy” made it perfectly clear to Silva that if he provokes him outside the cage next week, things will get serious very quickly.

“[You] be right, I’ll be wrong,” Sonnen said. “What’s the goddamn difference? Let’s just fight on June 24. How about that? Wanderlei Silva, you attacked me. That happened. If you attack me, I’m going to do some very bad things to you within the rules. If you attack me in front of my wife, there are no rules.”

At this point, Sonnen dropped off the call and left the remaining participants to field the rest of the media questions.

With fears of either the main or co-main event falling out, Bellator CEO Scott Coker confirmed that Bellator do have contingency plans in place should they be required. At the start of the call, Coker also confirmed that both Mauro Ranallo and Mike Goldberg would be joining the Bellator broadcast team on multi-event deals.

Things are heating up ahead of Bellator’s debut in Madison Square Garden next week.


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