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Pride not only never dies, but its direct descendant will be alive and well this weekend, on September 25th. Things almost got started early, yesterday, in a hotel lobby.

Charles "Felony" Bennett was getting into an elevator when Wanderlei Silva spotted him, and immediately reignited a fine Wagyu beef that originates from a Pride Shockwave event in 2005.

"I knocked you out, baby! I knocked you out! That's why you took the tape and you edited it," Bennett yelled across the lobby.

"Do it now, do it now, do it now," Wanderlei repeated to Bennett's face while a sweet Japanese hotel attendant tries to get in between them.

The heated argument refers to a legendary locker room brawl that took place eleven years ago, and has been steeped into MMA lore ever since.

After beating Ken Kaneko, Bennett got into it with members of Chute Boxe Academy and attacked Cristiano Marcello. Eventually, Marcello choked Bennett out with a triangle, but always said the tape didn't end there. He claims Silva woke him up, and after the tape was abruptly cut off, he jolted awake and knocked Silva out.

Since that day, you were either Team Silva KO or Team Bennett is a Liar. Forums were in constant debate, and some staffers at the event corroborated Bennett's side, but the truth never came out.

Are these dudes really still heated about something that happened so long ago, or is this a genius Japanese MMA marketing ploy to get our nostalgia gland pumping, setting up Silva's next opponent after Bennett fights Minoru Kimura?

Watch Bennett (formerly Krazy Horse, formerly Kid Khaos, now "Felony") tell his side of the story.


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