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Just when you thought ’s legendary career was coming to end, he goes and changes his mind.

Speaking to at the media day, the Brazilian confirmed that his fight with Nate Marquardt this weekend wouldn’t be his last.

“I wanted to get it done, but now I want to continue,” Belfort said. “I’m looking forward to this fight on Saturday and we will see. Every fight might be my last, but I feel like I want to continue. I went to Canada with Tristar. I had a great camp and something is stirring in me—I feel very motivated. I’m looking for a victory and that’s all. I’m looking for a great night of competition, for a big ‘W’ and that’s what I’m planning to do.”

It appears that while Belfort can find fights that keep him motivated, he won’t be hanging up the gloves anytime soon.

“I’m looking for fights that will motivate me to train and compete,” Belfort said. “That’s what I’m looking for. I’m just looking for something in myself to compete."

Belfort has long been campaigning for the UFC to open a ‘Legends League’ division. With former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell recently showing off his impressive physique on social media, some fans have been calling for Belfort and Liddell to square off once again. The Brazilian is seemingly all for the idea.

“Liddell is very interesting—not just for me, but for the fans,” Belfort said. “I think the fans they want to see fights that will make interest. They want to pay for something that will motivate them so see it—like fighters. That’s basically the same thing, what will make you buy pay-per-view—something that will make you interested to purchase. I see a lot of things in the future for the UFC and I’m very happy.”

Belfort added that a fight between him and Liddell would be the best way possible to kicks of the legends division and that there would be plenty of other dream fights for the UFC to make.

“I think (about) the legend league and I think that will be a good place to start it,” Belfort said. “Chuck is a legend and we fought in the past. I think I won it, but they gave it to him. Back in the day, he was managed by the UFC and Dana, today is totally different. I see one of the options, the many options that the UFC has to pursue it. There are so many legends in the UFC, so many people. So many things can happen in the future.”

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