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If you grew up watching WWE, then it's likely that Vince McMahon was a regular presence in your life. Whether he was calling matches as a commentator or firing people during the iconic , McMahon has been a part of many people's childhoods. The CEO and chairman of WWE revolutionized the world of professional wrestling and continues to play a major role both on- and off-screen today.

As he has grown older, we have seen less of the Mr. McMahon character on WWE programming. But that doesn't mean the living legend has allowed himself to grow old by any means. Someone managed to snap a picture of him after a workout in an Atlanta gym, and from it, we can see that he still looks as good as he did a decade ago.

The 71-year-old looked ripped as he posed for the photo, which marks one of his first public sightings since he reportedly tore his quad a few months back. The former WWE and champion's quick return to the gym just highlights how hardworking McMahon truly is and it proves that age is just a number to the chairman of the board.

While we don't know when Mr. McMahon will return to WWE, he will be the subject of a film biopic when TriStar's eventually hits theaters. But if the gym snap has taught us anything, it's that age has got "no chance in hell" of defeating Vince McMahon any time soon.

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