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If fights like Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektic remind us of anything, it's that MMA is chaos personified – a sport unlike any other where truly anything can happen.

The purest example of the chaotic, unpredictable nature of MMA can not be found in Matt Serra's upset of Georges St-Pierre, as many would suggest, nor can it be found in Michael Bisping's thrashing of Luke Rockhold. No, it can be found in that time a 53-year-old man walked into a bar and ended up beating a 21-year-old trained MMA fighter from pillar to post.

Let me set the scene for you: The year was 2012. In search of a fun night out, Tim Karaker bought a ticket to Fire Extreme Fighting’s show at the Kankakee Fair Grounds in Illinois. The only problem was, one of the men fighting at the event, 21-year-old Brandon Frey, had sudden been left with an open dance card after his opponent no-showed. That's when one of the evening's promoters, sensing Karaker to be a badass of the utmost caliber, stopped him at the door and asked him if he was looking to do more than just watch a fight.

Karaker's answer, like that of most badasses, was a short and simple "Yes."

One hour later, Karaker found himself standing across the cage from a man more than twice his junior, and throwing down in a fight that had the crowd going absolutely nuts from start to finish. When the dust finally settled, Karaker had defeated Frey by TKO, earning the praise of none other than Stephan Bonnar, who was in attendance and filming the video above.

Check out the full fight below.

Some say that Karaker's spirit still roams the Octagons and cages of Illinois – the very same state where Darren Elkins made his professional debut – to this day, a can of PBR in one hand and the spine of a youngster who dared question his authority in the other. And on this day, we give praise.


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