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Elias Cepeda

Sports have seemingly always had the ability to inspire and excite mankind. Ultimately, the depths of fandom may be impossible to explain, but it is invariably there whenever big events come around.

For MMA fans, it doesn't get much bigger than Saturday's UFC 205 card in Madison Square Garden, in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. The event is headlined by not one but three world title fights, and is rounded out by an incredible undercard.

With ticket sales appearing strong, and a likely large pay-per-view television audience to come, there will be throngs of fight fans shouting their lungs out all night long on Saturday, but we don't even have to wait until fight night to see some of the best expressions of fandom surrounding UFC 205. These days, fans are able to show their excitement and anticipation through digital photography and video by creating their own event posters and hype video commercials.

In so doing, these stoked fans get the rest of us extra geeked, and we love it. Below are our top six favorite fan-made UFC 205 posters and hype videos.

6. Liberty and History (Image on the left)

This simple but beautiful design has an epic feel to it and points to all the history that could be made, Saturday, at UFC 205. There's NYC's famous Statue of Liberty signaling the first UFC ever held in New York City, after the longtime statewide ban on professional MMA was finally lifted, recently.

Lady Liberty is also doing her best Conor McGregor impersonation inside an Octagon cage with a belt in each hand, representing the featherweight champ's quest to beat lightweight title-holder Eddie Alvarez in the main event, and become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two world titles, simultaneously.

5. UFC Empire

This slick poster squares Alvarez (L) off against McGregor (R), center with the Empire State Building between the two rivals, with athletes who have experienced sporting glory in New York, below. There's Wayne Gretzky, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, and a perfect Gotham sunset with purples, yellows, and the true text of "Here to make history."

4. Quick 'n Creepy

This eerie video short presents Conor McGregor as a horror movie anti-hero, gives a quick-cut visual history, in reverse, of how he got to UFC 205, and opens (for some symbolic reason I have yet to grasp) with Dana White in a hospital bed before or after surgery. It's creepy, exciting, and gets the job of jolting you to order UFC 205 done in just 35 seconds.

3. Soaring Drama

Training montages, thunderous, well-timed orchestral music set to punches landing, and riveting quotes alternately shouted and menacingly whispered by Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor - this promo video for UFC 205 has all that and more.

2. Ol' School

We've got an old-school fight poster, ladies and gents! We're suckers for that old school, faded yellow patina paired with posed, tough guy and gal shots of fighters paired to the right and left of one another, and straightforward bold fonts and useful event information

1. Hip Hop Hype

Eddie Alvarez (R) rocks Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone off-balance
Eddie Alvarez (R) rocks Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone off-balance

This riveting UFC 205 hype video does what all fan-made ones should do - combine the best unlicensed footage and music an editor can get their hands on. There's a driving, popping NF track ("Warm up") behind Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor kicking ass and talking trash. Watch it and just try and not watch UFC 205, afterwards.


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