ByKel Dansby, writer at
Kel Dansby

As the hype around a potential vs. fight builds, McGregor has found an unlikely ally in super featherweight boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko.

Lomachenko, who was named Champions' Boxer of the Year in 2016, spoke about the upcoming fight between McGregor and Mayweather, in which he had no problem offering McGregor the opportunity to get a few world class sparring rounds in before facing Mayweather.

"I say just [to] test, boxing test. If we make a sparring session, it'd be great for him. I can show him boxing skills," said Lomachenko (via Seconds Out).

Lomachenko and Mayweather may have very different fighting styles, which Lomachenko references during his interview, but the ability to get in rounds with a world-class boxer is an opportunity McGregor can't afford to pass up.

If the fight is truly more than a money grab, McGrgeor would be wise to take advice from anyone in the upper-echelon of boxing, especially a top pound-for-pound fighter such as Lomachenko.


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