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Ryan Matsunaga

Jimmie Rivera might have 20 fights on his record, but that's not so impressive next to Urijah Faber's record of 33–9.

There's an even wider gap when you consider the fact that Faber is the #2-ranked bantamweight in the division, while Rivera hasn't even cracked the top 10 yet. That's a huge discrepancy in experience, but to his credit, Faber isn't holding that against his opponent.

"My first reaction to any fight opportunity is 'yes,' just on instinct. That's why I'm in this sport," Faber said at the UFC 203 open workouts. "I've had plenty of fights where the guy is virtually unknown and very tough.

"This is part of the game. This is part of the reason why people love to watch me: because I fight. I'm here to fight, I'm not trying to protect anything ... I'm here to fight."

That being said, it's not all respect between the two.

"I heard him say something about me not evolving in the sport, or something weird like that," Faber said. "That's just an ignorant statement ... I've been at the top of my weightclass, in whatever weightclass I'm in, for the last 13 years."

Despite that though, Faber isn't taking his opponent lightly.

"The fights he's had outside of the UFC have been very tough. We're talking about the best guys in the world," Faber said. "You only get recognition when you get these opportunities. I'm not here to stop anyone from having an opportunity.

"A guy like this, he's earned whatever he gets. And right now, he's earned a whooping from me."

Urijah Faber will face Jimmie Rivera on the main card of UFC 203 on Saturday, September 10.


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