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Josh Molina

The Dead Man rises.

The Undertaker will appear on the Nov. 15 episode of Smackdown Live.

The appearance will come during the 900th episode of the program, which began nearly two decades ago on the now-defunct UPN Network.

An Undertaker sighting these days is rare. He last appeared at Wrestlemania 32 on April 3 of 2016.

The Dead Man is somewhat of a modern-day legend, a throwback to an Andre The Giant-like character: Big, indestructible and mysterious.

He famously went 21-0 at WrestleMania until Brock Lesnar broke his streak, pinning The Undertaker in one of the biggest upsets in wrestling history.

Rumors are now swirling that The Undertaker's appearance could set the stage a Survivor Series appearance on November 20th, which could possible get things in motion for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

While The Undertaker's retirement is near, he probably has at least one more match WrestleMania left, a send-off of sorts against someone other than Shane McMahon, whom he defeated at this year's sports entertainment spectacular.

Could The Undertaker finally wrestle John Cena at Wrestlemania? That is a match that has been talked about for years. It's likely that The Undertaker will wrestle someone who wouldn't lose any stature by putting the big man over in his final match.

Let the speculation begin.


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