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We haven't seen the Undertaker in a WWE ring since his match with Roman Reigns at 33 in April. After the legend suffered his second loss ever at the event, he left the arena, leaving his signature hat, coat and gloves behind in the center of the ring. It was an emotional moment that had us all wondering if we had truly seen the last of the Phenom.

But outside of the ring, the Undertaker — real name Mark Calaway — finally had that hip surgery that he had been putting off for quite some time. Since then, he has been enjoying some well-earned time off with his wife Michelle McCool.

McCool recently took to Instagram to share a touching collection of images in honor of the pair's seventh wedding anniversary. Check out the sweet image below and click right to see more:

These photos are a somewhat rare treat for fans of the Undertaker, given that he is one of the few superstars who still protects his character. This relaxed happy man seen is a far cry from the demonic monster he portrays on TV. While he does happily greet fans on the streets, he doesn't use social media and never breaks character on TV. His old school attitude and care for his character is one of the countless reasons why he's considered among the greatest of all time.

Calaway and McCool tied the knot back in 2010 but had been friends for years before that as they both worked for WWE. McCool also had an incredibly successful wrestling career, winning both the Divas and Womens Championships. When the pair were married, the Undertaker was written off WWE programming in a storyline which saw his brother Kane discover him in a vegetative state. He would return to the company in August, looking to exact revenge on Kane for attacking him in the first place.

The Undertaker returned to WWE in 2010 after marrying Michelle McCool. [Credit: WWE]
The Undertaker returned to WWE in 2010 after marrying Michelle McCool. [Credit: WWE]

It remains to be seen whether or not we have seen the last of the Undertaker in WWE. But as a longtime fan of the Deadman, it is genuinely heartwarming to see both him and his wife enjoying life together, away from the squared circle. After entertaining us for the better part of three decades, he deserves to enjoy some well-earned time with his family. I wish them the happiest anniversary and hope they have many happy years together.

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