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Justin Golightly

Dana White has put his foot down on Georges St-Pierre's cold feet, simultaneously ruining Michael Bisping's money fight, even though he claimed he hasn't heard anything. It looked like Yoel Romero was going to finally get his title shot, but Bisping coincidentally was injured. Don't tell Romero that, though, he's just too excited. After seeing this video, is there anyone who would even say anything to anger this deadly fighter with the body of a Marvel superhero and the voice of Cookie Monster?

I see you soon. I am f-cking ready. I am ready. I am ready all day, all night. I love you God. I am ready everyday. Everyday. Everyday. Everyday. I am ready. I am ready for everybody. I am ready for everyone. Thank you God. I love you. See you soon. See you soon. I am here. I am here, man.

Holy crap. This man is over 40-years old. We're with FOX Sports, just what is his pre-workout drink? Does he know something we don't about his upcoming fight? Either way, it's clear he's ready. Everyday. He said it 100 times. The first part of hopping around screaming is pretty easy to understand, despite having a guard in his mouth. The second part though? We did our best...

"I am here. Doctor Muhammad. Doctor Mike. Kron Gracie. Kron Gracie. I am here. Caramel. Corn. Like a turtle, too? Whatever way you want. I am ready. See you, soon."

If Romero doesn't get this fight with Bisping, watch out Kron Gracie. Romero is all hopped up on caramel corn and wants a fight (and maybe turtle soup) with anybody. See you soon. Everyday. Thank you, Yoel Romero.


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