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Justin Golightly

Are these two guys fighting soon? There isn't even a date set yet, but Michael Bisping and Yoel Romero have been going back and forth like they could meet any day now at a Denny's parking lot and throw down. Romero even created a preemptive Gofundme page to raise money for Bisping's future injuries. The latest in this epic verbal onslaught, comes from Bisping who dissed Romero in a plug for his show. Well, Romero called him on his bluff —literally — and got put on hold dialing into The Countdown on SirusmXM Rush.

But when he did get put on the air, holy crap...

So, there was not one, single thing screamed at that you could understand. The closest I got was, 'suck on water.' One thing was that absolutely clear though, is that he was very angry. Of course, this gave Bisping a perfect opportunity to unload on a enraged Romero until he just decided to hang up.

"Have you cleaned up your ass yet? I'm just looking at pictures where you sh-t your pants. Go wipe your ass. Shut the f-ck up, poopie pants, for one second. This isn't how a conversation works. Hey, roid head, lay off the steroids. Hey, spell for me. I want to know if this is you on Twitter or not. Spell, um, 'steroid' for me."

Jesus Christ. After that tirade, even Bisping's wife told him that he was being immature which caused a huge laugh. According to the show, May 13th () would be the earliest these two can settle it in the Octagon. If it's already reached this point, there's no telling where in the hell this will lead to before then.


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