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Justin Golightly

Vitor Belfort is finally ready to pick on someone his own age. After getting demolished by Kelvin Gastelum, Belfort came up with the idea of a legends division to better suit aging brawlers like himself. However, now he's come up with an even better idea: He'll fight a straight up MMA jobber. Sorry Green Ranger, Belfort wants an opportunity to call it quits after clobbering CM Punk.

"It would have to be an interesting fighter, but not a top fighter", Belfort said to FloCombat. "I've been fighting good guys before: Dan Henderson, Weidman, Dan Henderson, Jacaré, Mousasi and now Kelvin. These are all hard fights, so if you can book a smoother fight—what's the name of that guy from WWE? CM Punk would be a good fight. CM Punk, let's get it on. That would be a really good fight."

So, this is how we retire The Phenom and his collection of hair styles? You can almost hear the collective sighs and the reluctant typing of 'would watch' from fight fans everywhere, but at least Belfort is honest. Sure, was a huge money ticket for the UFC for a one shot, whether that could work a second time after his quick and brutal loss is another question entirely.


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