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Justin Golightly

Dude, we hope you've been keeping up with Matt Riddle's wrestling career over the past couple of years. If you haven't, there's still time to join the frat and there's not even a hazing ritual. In just two years, his blood-shot eyes are set on strong style pilgrimages to Japan and eventually the WWE. Even UFC fighter Tom Lawlor looks to follow the same, barefoot path Riddle has carved. The most important thing though? The "King of Bros" made Dana White and the UFC eat their words on The MMA Hour.

A Reminder How Dana White Felt About Matt Riddle

If you take away Matt Riddle's two pops for pot in seven months, he was 12-3 in the UFC at 27-years old. His marijuana use got him cut from the UFC, but it seems like his MMA hardships just lit a fire under him — pun intended — to blaze through pro wrestling's indie circuits. Not only did wrestling make him the bro of his own destiny, but he was able to tell Dana White 'I told you, bro', something that would be labelled priceless in a Mastercard commercial.


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