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Jason Nawara

We are in the times of WME/IMG UFC ownership, which has led to Conor McGregor getting a lightweight title shot, despite not fighting in the division in the UFC, then to McGregor getting stripped (relinquishing) of his featherweight title only a few weeks later. There seems to be a sense of urgency behind the scenes of the to make the biggest, most important fights possible as often as possible. That's fun for the viewer for the most part, but muddies the sporting waters.

This doesn't matter so much to , he's eyeing big fights as he nears his 100% real retirement, and he has ideas about who he can make big bucks with. One of which is old foe Anderson Silva.

"I know the UFC has sat down to do big fights. I never had anything personal against Anderson. Quite the opposite. That fight with me changed the history of MMA. I know how important that fight was. But it’s a fight fans absolutely wanna see."

While Anderson's front kick knockout of Vitor was highlight material, I don't know how much that fight changed the history of MMA. It had a fun lead-up and was a good fight (Anderson Domination), but history changing?

Yes. Probably. Maybe. Belfort named more names that he wants to fight next on Brazilian show Giro Combate. He's eyeing a tough-as-hell middleweight tour beyond just a Silva rematch that includes:

  • Chris Weidman
  • Michael Bisping
  • Nick Diaz

But wait, there's more...

"Nick Diaz is a good fight. I would like this fight. He’s a guy with good boxing and good ground game, so it will be a good challenge."

The most interesting thing that Belfort brings up is a seemingly quick, throwaway comment that could be an insight into the UFC's thought process in 2017 and beyond:

"Weidman would also be a good option, too. A rematch, (a fight that is) stuck in my throat. That’s it. I think it’s the year of the rematches. The UFC is going in this direction right now. Fight that fans want to see."

Are money fights the New Way? Do the new owners just want to make big fight after big fight and damn the consequences, they can throw an interim belt around if they want?

Watch the historic Silva/Belfort match, and consider the possibilities.


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