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Vitor Belfort's retirement plan still remains a mystery, but the UFC middleweight is interested in a 'legends' division.

Belfort, who's scheduled to fight Gegard Mousasi in the co-main event of Saturday's UFC 204, expressed his interest in a legends division along with his retirement plans following his open workout.

"I think people have been expecting this for my past seven fights, 'when are you going to retire?'," Belfort said after his open workout, which Champions attended. "It's amazing how the media and the expectations, I mean I understand that it's your job to try to expect what I'm going to do next, but actually I don't have a plan.

"My plan is to be here right now and fight a good fight and fight the best guys, you know. I don't want to take any easy fights, I'm looking to to fight the best guys. I fought decades ago tough guys. And I think I'm in... of course in my end, I'm not going to fighting in my fifties, so I think the transition is going to happen naturally, organically and if I have passion, and who knows maybe the UFC comes with the legends division, you know, they come with the legends division and a lot of things can change in the sport.

"I believe that things are going to change pretty good for the good, for the athletes, for the fans, and UFC is going to the top I believe."

On Saturday night, Belfort will be fighting a man who many consider a legend – Mousasi. "The Dreamcatcher" has over 45 professional MMA fights and has been fighting for about 13 years. He has also fought in prestige promotions such as Pride, Dream, Strikeforce and now the UFC.

Belfort says it's an honor that Mousasi wants to fight him.

"I think Gegard wants to fight the best in the world and that's an honor for me, having a guy that want to fight me, and he's one of the best guys in the sport as well," Belfort said. "So maybe he looked up to me when he was growing up. I admire fighters that want to fight the best guys, and I have a lot of respect for competitors like that."

UFC 204 takes place this Saturday in Manchester, England. Michael Bisping is scheduled to make his first title defense against Dan Henderson in the main event of the card.


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