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Jason Nawara

Uriah Hall is a monster of a man. His lightening-fast kicks can destroy professional fighters from Adam Cella on The Ultimate Fighter, to his stunning TKO of Gegard Mousasi. And yet, 's one, perceived, fatal flaw is that he lacks a killer instinct.

The last thing we want to do at Champions is play armchair psychologist, but perhaps Hall is just a guy who feels bad when he hurts people, even when hurting people is what he does for a living. He does, after all, destroy most people in his path. Even his training partners.


That's the same kick that brought down Gegard Mousasi, but Hall's laissez-faire violence doesn't end at the now-shuttered Reign training center. He's also knocked out a sparring partner with his signature hook kick.

Granted, it's hard to know where Hall is coming from. His angles are Anderson Silva-esque and if he can't refine and practice them, what good are they? But then, maybe the dudes he's training with are just freaked out by his highlight reel finishes from . Let's watch those again while we're here. No reason not to.

This was our first look at Hall on Fox Sports — a sweet little straight that blasted his opponent and knocked him out. It all happened so fast no one knew what happened. Not even Uriah. This punch broke McDaniels' face in three places.

But of course comes his most famous knockout. He tried to do this of course, but after seeing the look on Hall's face and hearing his apology, there's no way he meant to hurt Cella as bad as he did.

Brutal. You would think powers like these should be under lock and key, but Hall has at least put this out there so others may one day take him on, like a Highlander.

Despite losing his last two and being 5-5 in the UFC (3 split-decision losses), Hall is as dangerous as they come. So, my personal advice for Uriah (who once bought me a sandwich in Glendale), don't try so hard and you'll be champ soon enough.


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