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At UFC 205, Tyron Woodley was able to walk out the UFC welterweight champion, but he didn't win — it was a rare draw. Woodley thought he whooped up on Stephen Thompson enough to move on to other fights, but not winning the title by the tiniest of margins loomed over Thompson. He wanted to run it back and the UFC agreed. These two fight again at UFC 209 for the belt, but now it seems more about respect than anything after this ESPN interview from SportsCenter.

Stephen Thompson: "He thinks I'm entitled, that I begged for this fight. I was given the contract. That was it. I got it in December, I signed it, I didn't ask for anything, didn't renegotiate. Just signed it and sent it back. I respect him as a champion. Are you kidding? He's the champion for a reason."

Tyron Woodley: "...But he didn't respect me before I punched him in his face."

Thompson: "First off, if you're the champion —"

Woodley: "I am the champion."

Thompson: "Especially if it was a draw, you run it back. How can you be okay with a draw?"

Woodley: "How do you tell the champion of the world, in the best weight class in the world, how to be a champion? How can you be okay knowing you lost the fight?"

Thompson: "After we drew, he's already asking for other fights. Other people, he's asking for other fighters, he's asking to go up a weight class to fight Bisping. I'm like, run it back man!"

Self-proclaimed "worst treated fighter in MMA history" went off on as they sat side-by-side. In the eye of the storm though, both guys had good points.

Woodley felt his performance was so dominant it doesn't warrant a sequel. Thompson on the other hand, said the judges made the official decision and that alone justified a rematch. Either way, it goes down again on March 4th and both men will get their answers then. ...Unless there's another draw.

Flashback to the UFC 205 post-fight presser.


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