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History is filled with geniuses, like the cavalier dude who figured out peanut butter tasted really awesome with chocolate.

Drunken fist, pro wrestling moves, cartwheels and backwards dancing all sound like they wouldn't go together like bacon and ice cream, but you'd be surprised. Very surprised.

Open your third eye and let awkward not only expand your MMA tastes to groovy zones thought unreachable, but take you into a world of pure imagination on his fighting soul train.

Tim Elliott is one fascinating fighter.

A former UFC fighter, Elliott left on his spaceship and landed in where he immediately won the title and flabbergasted every, single fighter he faced with his bizarre but effective tactics.

After winning the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, Elliott will try and take to funky town this Saturday with signature moves from Kung Fu masters or something you might see your little brother do. Clearly, watching Jackie Chan in The Drunken Master paid off.

If you made it through the highlights without having your mind explode and pass away to another realm, you saw Elliott was doing spinning hook kicks to a dude's legs.

Now, Elliot may pretend to fight inebriated, execute Mongolian chops, or attempt triple-jump knees, but will he actually be able to pull those wild stunts off against an incredible fighter like Johnson? Who knows, but it's going to be fun as hell to watch him try it.

Tim Elliott's Victories on the Show.

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  • Tim Elliott vs. Eric Shelton

  • Tim Elliott vs. Hiro Ogikubo

The Staredown.


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