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Jon Manley

It’s been 18 months since my last pro fight, but I’m making my comeback this Friday, May 12, at 44.

Some of you may remember me from season 16 of . I also fought at UFC 157. And while it’s ultimately my goal to get back to a big show like the UFC, I’ve been in this game long enough now that I’m just excited to fight. I’m prepared, training hard, and my cardio is good.

Since my last fight, I had a major surgery on my meniscus. At first, I couldn’t believe how painful it was, but after a couple weeks, it started getting better. I just had to take it really slow, and now, after surgery, I’m more flexible than I was before the surgery. There are even some moves that I couldn’t do anymore because of my knee, that I’m able to do now.

The knee surgery was a long time coming for me. To tell you the truth my knee was messed up for a while, so going into my last fight, against , I wasn’t 100-percent healthy.

I wasn’t training that much for that fight against Mike, and I didn’t have a ton of time for training camp. Even then, the first round went pretty well, but then I gassed, and that’s the first time that has happened to me.

Back when I fought Mike, the promotion offered the fight to a couple of guys, but no one would take the fight. Eventually Mike took it; he was 5-0 with all his knockouts in the first round, but I was out of shape for the fight and I fell out of my gameplan and pushed too much.

It’s a little weird to see him smashing everybody in the UFC because I still beat him up for a good part of the fight and didn’t really have any cardio.

For sure I’d like to get that fight back, but first I need to take care of Emmanuel Walo, this Friday.

Manny’s a tough kid with lots of fights, and lot of wins. He fancies himself a striker, and if he gets you down, he’ll lay on you, so it’s gonna be a tough fight for sure. But, wherever we go, I feel comfortable.

In the standup, I’ll do fine, and if he takes me down, good luck. I just think I’m gonna be dominant on Friday night.

Jon Manley vs. "Platinum" Mike Perry (11/14/15)


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