ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Finally, the two coaches faced off. Months of bickering, call-outs and bad blood would be settled in the middle of the Octagon. As expected, the fight lived up the hype and ended with some extremely strange scorecards.

The fight started with Henry Cejudo working Joseph Benavidez with superior combos and body kicks early. But, two quick kicks landed to the cup of Benavidez got a point taken from the Olympian. The first round was full of intensity and clearly a 9-9 after the foul. This would come back to haunt Cejudo.

The first 7 minutes of the fight were all Cejudo. This was the most complete has ever looked in the UFC cage, but has been one of the best in the lower weight divisions for the last near-decade for a reason, and fight momentum shifted to Joe-B in the later rounds. In the final minutes, the technical battle devolved wonderfully into an all-out brawl that benefitted Benavidez.

When the cards were read, Benavidez pulled out the split-decision, and the boos RAINED down.

Both fighters should be respected, and it was a damn close fight. Realistically, this should've been a 5-round fight, and they need to do it again, but as the announcers said, the boos came from the ridiculous scorecards. A 30-26? Really?

We'll be seeing these two fight again, I'm sure. Right?


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