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Justin Golightly

If you didn't know, a bodybuilder troll named Matthew Kline Kader started a beef with Cody Garbrandt seemingly out of nowhere. He actually seems to do this every year with a different fighter, before Garbrandt it was with Mark Hunt. This time said he'd show up to fight Garbrandt and even set up a livestream for the low, low price of $9.99 to watch this encounter. Turns out, the guy really did show up but nothing went as planned. Surprisingly, no refunds on that livestream charge either.

If you say one thing about this guy, is that he's devoted to the gimmick. He made sure to show up as soon as Garbrandt was nowhere near the gym, but the other team members sure roasted him as he walked out no sooner than getting in the door. Danny Castillo was even there, who Kader hilariously mistook for Garbrandt's father. It's all pretty hilarious and embarrassing, until Kader says he'll get a gun and shoot Garbrandt in a crazy rant.


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