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Justin Golightly

There was a clear turning point for Tony Ferguson. We know because we were there. Before fighting Rafael dos Anjos, he endured a self-imposed exile. He trained isolated in nature, like the Ninja Turtles before their final battle with Shredder in the first movie. Ferguson knew what he was doing and it paid dividends. After his potential fight of the year with Khabib Nurmadgomedov at UFC 209 had to be canceled, he got pissed off and then right back to work. Finally, it seems like there is a fight on the horizon and Ferguson has once again taken his prep to the next level.

Have you ever seen anyone elbow a speed bag like that? What about that cool kick-catch cartwheel kick, shades of muay thai legend Saenchai? The best thing about that kick, is the following video of him first introducing it at the beginning of the month. The training montage, posted 13 days later, shows him implementing the technique fluidly during pad work. The evolution of Tony Ferguson continues, and we're just as eager to see implement this innovative violence as he probably is.


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